Building a better way to work

People spend more than a third of their lives working. We believe we can make the biggest impact by building tools that delight and empower people during, what are often the most stressful, busy, and chaotic hours of their day.

The organizational tools and systems of the last decade have failed to catchup to how we work today. We're building a new, better way to get yourself organized to do the best work of your life.



Everyone has their own workflows and preferences that help them do their best work. Different types of work require different systems of organization. We want to give you a set of familiar tools that let you create your own system, in a way that suits you the best.


When you're constantly context switching between different tasks, you get very little done. You actually tend to procrastinate on the important stuff, and use multi-tasking as a way to postpone doing things. When you're organized, it's easier to prioritize and methodically get through things instead of jumping back and forth and loosing momentum.

Create momentum

Maintain momentum by using a consistent system, that helps you form and maintain habits. Capturing all your work in one place, and being aware of where the work's heading helps maintain a steady pace.

Waiting kills productivity

When you're trying to get things done, you want to have everything you need for the task accessable to you. Clew acts as a central hub, letting you have everything you need for your work in one place.

Big love happens in small moments

It matters to us that we get even the tiniest interactions right because it’s the accumulation of small moments that create a great experience.