A Better
Way to Work

Sure, you can take notes and track todos. But you can also have conversations alongside actual work and embed

from your favourite tools.

Clew lets you search, organize, and collaborate in one place.

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Used by thousands of people, at companies of all sizes.
Essential product for any growing org — able to search across your knowledge base, cloud storage, and other collaborative tools.
Trevor Sookraj
Founder, Divisional
I've been using Clew for the past few weeks and absolutely LOVE it. It's so great to have all my documents, designs, in one place.
Ish Baid
Founder, Virtually
Clew is one of those products that reminds you that when technology is coupled with great design, the result can be indistinguishable from magic.
Armin Khayatian
Associate, BCG
It’s one thing to have a useful product, it’s another to find one that also has great UX/UI. Excited for this product.
Michael Lay
Software Engineer
A spatial workspace
for any type of
Bring your docs, todos and conversations together. Have context-rich dicussions alongside the work and tasks being tracked. You can even use Views to organize data from different tools in one place.
Meeting notes
Tasks, Chat Q&A, Notes
Tasks, Notes
Async stand-up
Notes, Public chat, Various embed
Tasks, Public chat, Notes
Project tracking
Tasks, Notes
Project outline
Notes, Public chat, Figma Embed
A single view of your work
Equip your team with context and keep everyone on the same page.
See and organize your work in one place. Whether it’s presentation slides on Google, designs in Figma, or discussions with your team, Clew is where your work comes together.
A search engine for your work
Clew’s knowledge graph links your work together so you see what’s relevant where and when you need it.
The relationships between people and the work may be rich and complex, but creating, sharing, and finding information ought to be easy. Clew’s search and discovery features let you find what you need in a snap.
The Platform for work
Clew is a knowledge management platform, reimagined for the future of work.
The organizational tools and systems of the last decade have failed to catch up to how we work today. Clew gives you the toolset to capture the immediate, make sense of the past, and equip for the future.
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The hardest parts of
organizing knowledge, solved.
Clew makes it easy to pull knowledge in, make information useful, and surface what’s relevant, for everyone involved.
Keep all your
favourite tools
Finding it hard to keep track of work across all your tools? You don’t have to downsize your tool stack or consolidate. Use Clew’s integrations to organize it all in one place.
Preserve all that context
Clew’s sprawling editor lets you pull disparate units of work from different tools and places into one view. Talk about work, plan around work, make decisions on work, where work is.
Collaborate with ease
Empower your team with all the information they need to get work done, whether that’s remotely, asynchronously or otherwise.
Scalable and blazingly fast
Designed to grow with you as you build your knowledge base, as you scale your team, and as you create more complex projects.
Privacy and
We are committed to providing an environment that is safe, secure, and available to the organizations and users that use Clew. Your data is yours, and it’s only used to serve you.
Your team’s long term memory
Clew keeps track of your work, including all the discussions, todos, events, and people involved. Over time, Clew builds an archive of the work, people, and relationships so you don’t have to worry about remembering.
Unified API for work
One API to access all your work, across all your tools. Already serving over 1M+ requests/week. Available soon to customers, creators and integration developers.