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Can you link the new issues here?
Yesterday at 12:44 PM
It's on the page now @charlie
Today at 10:32 AM
Someone from #sales should take a look at this, @cindy @xal @fernando
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Jam v3 review
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Feedback on batch #001
Suggestion for batch #002
Researched jam recipes
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Competitor analysis (jam)
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New Jam: Q4 report
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Q/A with Product lead
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26/30 Review checklist
Jam market tests
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Universal search across all your tools
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Researched jam recipes
New Jam: Q4 report
Jam v3 review
Competitor analysis (jam)
Jam market tests
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Trevor Sookraj
Founder, Divisional
I've been using Clew for the past few weeks and absolutely LOVE it. It's so great to have all my documents, designs, in one place.
Ish Baid
Founder, Virtually
Clew is one of those products that reminds you that when technology is coupled with great design, the result can be indistinguishable from magic.
Armin Khayatian
Associate, BCG
It’s one thing to have a useful product, it’s another to find one that also has great UX/UI. Excited for this product.
Michael Lay
Software Engineer